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About This Site

A brief timeline of this website's life:

Artwork that appears on this website is done by Martin Kvamme (aka the person who designs all things Magnet!).


NOTE: Most of this information is a few years old and may no longer be valid, aside from dated info.


Fast Forward: ffw.no / janerik@ffw.no (valid March 8, 2012)


Worldwide excl US: Bpop Mentometer - booking@bpopmentometer.com
US: Lisa O'Hara for High Road Touring - lisa@highroadtouring.com


UK: Jon Lawrence for Wasted Youth - jon@wastedyouthpr.com
US: Juliana Plotkin for Ink Tank PR - juliana@ink-tankpr.com

Record Labels

Filter Recordings, US - www.filterusrecordings.com
VME, The World excl Norway, Denmark and US - www.vme.no
Hermetix Recordings/Sony BMG, Norway - www.sonybmg.no
Alarm, Denmark - www.alarmmusic.dk


Universal Publishing
Sub Publishing US: Synch Express (Universal Music Publishing Group)


Robyn Lee - roboppy.com | roboppy@gmail.com (valid 2012)